Last weekend, a few friends drove up in their recently-acquired 1976 Austin Mini to visit the 2005 Microcar and Minicar Classic at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline.
The show was fantastic — a nice contrast to the precious, q-tipped cars on display at the MFA’s exhibit of Ralph Lauren’s cars the previous week. After showing the cars for an hour or so, they started the cars up and gave short rides to those in attendance.
Some highlights:
Fiat Giardinetta — based on the ubiquitous 500, but with a much cleaner van back design. Future company car for C’s architecture practice.

One of several Nash Metropolitans

A beautiful Messerschmitt bubble-top car, sporting a swank snakeskin interior

An early Subaru minitruck. Diahatsu seems to have more recently cornered the market on these.

3-wheeled Reliant Scimitar

One of the first Hondas to make it to these shores

A stunning Glas 1300 roadster

More photos on Flickr